Here you’ll find anything I’ve written on general topics that don’t relate to food or travel. There are couple from over the years, but as I was also the resident ‘storyteller’ in my shared workspace, Impact Hub Brixton, between August ’16 and December ’17, most of these are blog posts from there.

Please take a look around and if you are interested in commissioning me, please get in touch using the form on the ‘about’ section here.

Idea-sharing: what inspires you? (Impact Hub)

by Victoria Stewart (Image: Tyler Freeman Smith) Whatever your job, or however much you love what you do, sometimes the Monday morning feeling kicks in and the fun stuff takes a back seat. It’s that moment when the rest of the week seems to spiral […]

Ideas-sharing: how do you stay motivated? (Impact Hub)

By Impact Hub Brixton’s resident storyteller, Victoria Stewart (‘Reflections’ illustration by Hub member Katherine Hardy) Recently we’ve been thinking about inspiration at the Hub, finding out where some of our members get their ideas from, and what kicks them into action. As some of you might know, there […]

Open Project Night: an evening of ideas (Impact Hub)

By Impact Hub Brixton’s resident storyteller, Victoria Stewart  “Have you heard of Open Project Night?” asked Olivia on my first day. “Have you been to Open Project Night?” Bex happened to ask a few days later. “So you know Open Project Project night…?” started Seb […]