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Hello, I’m Victoria. My writing adventure started when I was a shy 7-year-old child, and making up stories was an opportunity to dive into fun-filled fantasy lands. Then, aged 12, a friend and I paired up to create our own 6-page local newspaper, imaginary adverts and all. After that I fine tuned things a bit, and headed into student journalism whilst at university. After several bouts of work experience on the news and travel desks of national publications, I was employed by the features team of the London Evening Standard newspaper between 2008-2015, latterly as the paper’s Food Editor, where I covered everything from producers and street food sellers to well-known food personalities and restaurant businesses. Between 2015-2019 I worked as a freelance food & travel columnist for LES, exploring people’s childhood food memories, all well as personal stories from hospitality.

Today, I’m what I describe as a ‘multi-person,’ by which I mean I do several types of complementary work:

  • I work part-time on Insight within the Innovation team at a pioneering ingredients company.
  • I also work part-time running Hospitality Speaks, a platform I started in 2018 and which its volunteers and I hope it will create a positive turning point for cultural change in the hospitality industry.
  • I still take occasional writing or editing commissions relating to stories or issues I feel passionate about (see note below about what I think food journalism is). However, I have wound down most of my day-to-day journalism. That said, much of what I’ve done for national newspapers, magazines, online publications, and innovation companies, can still be found around the site.
  • I regularly take part in speaking engagements and moderate panel discussions, in particular around food producers and around culture and equality in hospitality.
  • I’ve consulted on the editorial and trends sides of things for brilliant start-up and major food brands.
  • Last year, two friends and I coordinated the second issue of AMP (A Meeting Place), a digital zine to showcase and amplify women’s voices in food.
  • I still volunteer with the Incredible Edible Lambeth food network, in particular by helping out with their local garden tours around Brixton twice a year.
  • I’m proud to have led private food tours over 3 years for brands including Marriott Hotels, Vassal University, and Sidestory/Mr & Mrs Smith.
  • I’m also really proud to have started and written the LondonStreetFoodie blog, which documented the best of the city’s street food stories.

Oh, and by the way

People often think that food journalism means restaurant reviews, but there are so many other avenues beyond that! For example, how does the food someone ate as a teenager influence their professional life today? What can getting a job in hospitality mean to a person whose never considered it as a career before? What are the extraordinary lengths makers will go to to create or write about a product? Or, what might a meeting of some truly unlikable characters planning the hottest new restaurant in London look like?

Recently, my writing has also been about raising awareness of important topics – such as the need for more women leading kitchens, or the prevalence of sexual harassment and existing solutions for combatting it. Often it’s just about getting to the nub of something, and being sensitive to context. So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to talk about a commission, drop me a line!


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