A distillery that’s the Noma of booze (Wired Magazine)

Copenhagen-based Empirical Spirits, led by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, wants to bring new flavour to alcoholic drinks. (Photo: Christoffer Rydqvist) Words: Victoria Stewart In a warehouse on Refshaleøen island, Copenhagen, a chorus of clattering is being produced by hacked-together machinery. Finishing some work on a […]

The Estate Dairy (Evening Standard)

Follow this collective if only to develop a special affection for Jersey Cows, says Victoria Stewart Who: a collective including latte champions, milk trainers, coffee roasters, Brades Farm in Lancashire, and a leading dairy scientist Morten Münchow, all headed up by Rebecca and Shaun Young. […]

Made in London: La Latteria in Acton (Evening Standard)

Simona Di Vietri tells Victoria Stewart why she quit investment banking to make cheese If you’ve ever watched someone stretch out fresh mozzarella you’ll know how transfixing a spectacle it is. Seeing someone use their hands to wind this Italian cheese into knots, mould it […]