Meat and greet: Ginger Pig, London’s most talked-about butcher

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Ginger Pig has become the most talked-about butcher in London, supplying some of the city’s top restaurants. Victoria Stewart uncovers the secrets of its success. (Image: Ginger Pig)

LATE ONE SUNNY afternoon on a North Yorkshire hill, 40-odd ginger and pink piglets are grunting at me. Being early May, when typically many new lambs, pigs and cows are born, I have come to visit a selection owned by Tim Wilson, the founder of London’s Ginger Pig butcher shops.

In recent years, Ginger Pig has fast become the London butcher du jour. If you haven’t tried one of its 450 annual butchery classes or bought the odd sausage roll from one of its eight (soon to be nine) shops, you might have eaten Hawksmoor’s T-bone steaks, Dishoom’s bacon naans, or something from Honest Burgers, as it supplies to around 40 restaurants in the capital.

What I want to know is how this once-tiny business, that specialises in ‘high quality, high welfare, native breed meat’, continues to do so on a larger scale. Just how does one of London’s most fashionable butchers go about its business?

Full article originally appeared in Foodism Magazine in June 2016.