BELAZU (2019-21)

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Consulting, Insight & Copywriting

B2B & B2C PROJECTS (BOTH NPD & EPD), 2019-2021

Role: Project Consultant (April-May 2019) + ‘Insight Manager’ role (June 2019-Feb 2021)

Named as one of the company’s only 3 ‘Super Tasters’

  • Designed B2B market research plan / Co-designed B2C market research plan
  • Led & carried out B2B market research (macro research, focus groups, panels & ideation sessions, surveys, product testing)
  • Carried out B2B market research (as above)
  • Collaborated with Innovation/R&D chefs to develop & improve product ranges – included regular tasting
  • Carried out category research / competitor analysis to identify gaps in the market
  • Analysed findings & presented key insights to Board of Directors, enabling them to reduce decision time for key projects (Resulted in development of a new ranges of award-winning ketchups, as well as tinned nuts, plus additional pestos, vinegars & Harissa pastes. Each received immediate Waitrose listings. Tomato & Balsamic Ketchup won The Grocer’s ‘Best New Condiment’ 2021)
  • Managed Trends & Insight Executive – particular focus on developing her natural creativity & confidence
  • Mentored PR Manager during sellout pandemic cookalong event for 2000+ people
  • Wrote & edited pack & brochure copy for all new product ranges & range additions
  • Worked with Head of People & CSR Manager to improve employee experience, feedback and engagement. Part of a pandemic mental health ideation group aiming to boost staff mood and wellbeing


“These are ideal. I like that you’ve sent us a mix of suggestions to pick from – thank you, Victoria!” Chris Busher, Belazu, Marketing Director


“Thank you for making me think differently about insight!” Derek Wiles, Operations Director, Belazu

“You’re a pleasure to work with and a great asset to our team!” Laura Copp, Product Director, Belazu