Food memories: Bao’s head chef Erchen Chang remembers eating poached goose in Taiwan (Evening Standard)

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Column - Food Memories

Victoria Stewart asks Erchen Chang about her food memories of Taiwan

With her husband Shing Chung, and his sister Wai Ting, Erchen Chang runs the two Taiwanese restaurants, Bao and Bao Fitzrovia, as well as their original weekend street food stall in Netil Market. All three have spent time in Taiwan but while the siblings grew up in the UK with Chinese parents, Chang grew up in Taiwan. Here she remembers some of her most cherished food stories from her childhood.

Chef Erchen Chang lived in Taiwan until she was 14 years old, and having attended a school “very far away” from where she lived with her family in Taipei, a lot of her food memories are of eating in the night markets after class.

“What I remember really vividly is having fried chicken and shaved ice. We’d get off the MRT – like the tube – and then go to the night markets early to get some snacks, things like hot chicken which we’d share between four or five of us because we’d all be going home afterwards to eat more!”

Full article originally appeared in The Evening Standard in 2016.