Top Drawer: Meet the Maker (host / interviewer)

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As part of the Meet the Maker food sessions at Top Drawer trade show, I enjoyed doing a live interview with the brilliant Ruth Holbrook, head of wholesale at the well-known London cheese purveyors, Paxton & Whitfield.

This was part of its live line-up area called RetailFest, that hosted a mix of inspirational talks on female entrepreneurs and their businesses, through to practical sessions interspersed with bite-sized business lessons.

Ruth and I talked about topics including:

  • How to inspire customer loyalty
  • How to enter the wholesale market
  • The challenges and opportunities of working in the world of cheese retail, including: manufacturing, finances, finding clients, expanding your team, and quality control
  • Expansion and growth of the brand
  • Food trends and trends around flavour, packaging, ‘local’ and ‘artisan’
  • The UK cheese revolution