Street food panel discussion (Chair, Kerb Talks)

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Kerb, the London street food community, is hosting a series of panel discussions over the coming months, to explore the issues, opportunities and trends shaping London’s food industry today. The series as a whole aims to deliver predictions on future trends for London food and begins with an in-depth discussion of the ‘street food evolution’, how it has evolved from trend to part of the fabric of the city – and what’s next.

For Part 1, held on October 25, I will be chairing a panel of five speakers, reflecting on the ‘street food evolution’ and asking how and why it came about. We will explore the reasons why, unlike most food fads, it has established itself as part of the fabric of London and is now a legitimate and burgeoning competitor to the traditional restaurant. Finally will come an examination of what the future holds and where-to-next for street food.

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