Food Memories: Harneet Baweja on growing up in Calcutta (Evening Standard)

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Column - Food Memories

Victoria Stewart talks to Gunpowder London founder Harneet Baweja about his childhood food memories and how they influence the menu at his London restaurant.

Harneet Baweja is the co-founder of the Shoreditch restaurant Gunpowder London, which he has owned with his wife, Devina, since 2014. The menu, cooked by their in-house head chef Nirmal Save, is based on the recipes they learnt from their grandparents whilst growing up in West Bengal, with some modern twists. The tiny restaurant has become known for its venison and vermicelli doughnut, as well as its fabulous spiced yoghurt marinaded lamb chops but here Baweja remembers some of his favourite dishes that he ate as a child.

“I grew up in a big family, with 14 people in the house. My grandparents were there although my granddad died when I was quite young, and then my dad has three brothers and they all have families, and two children each. Can you imagine it all?!” laughs Harneet Baweja.

Read the article in full, originally published in The Evening Standard in August 2016, here.