Mazi Mas: why you should follow this London catering business (Evening Standard)

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This London catering business employs migrant and refugee women to bring dishes from their home countries to London, Victoria Stewart

Mazi Mas is a London catering business founded in 2012 by Nikandre – Niki – Kopcke, employing migrant and refugee women who cook dishes from their home countries.

Number of followers: 1.1k

Featured food: All sorts, depending on who is cooking that day, as well as portraits of the chefs. Saffron chicken or roasted aubergine with fermented yogurt, walnuts and pomegranate are dishes from Zohreh Shahrabi’s home country of Iran, while cassava chips are from Roberta Siao’s home in Brazil. There is also a photograph of Ethiopean chef Azeb Woldemichael with a bowl of beef with berbere (an Ethiopian spice mix) and tomato. Fasolakia (Greek bean stew) and kolokithopita (courgette and feta pie) have also featured in the past.

Read the article in full, originally published in The Evening Standard in February 2017, here.